Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Crossing Lines [book review]

Crossing Lines
Author: Paul Volponi

Synopsis: What do you do when bullying goes too far?
Adonis is a jock. He's on the football team and he's dating one of the prettiest girls in school. Alan is the new kid. He wears lipstick and joins the Fashion Club. Soon enough the football team is out to get him. Adonis is glad to go along with his teammates...until they come up with a dangerous plan to humiliate Alan. Now Adonis must decide whether he wants to be a guy who follows the herd or a man who does what's right. (via Goodreads)

Rating: ★★★★

I don't know exactly where to begin, there's so much I want to say about this read. It was a great, great book. It felt so real, I could put myself in so easily because scenarios like these happen on an every day basis in high schools across the country. There's always bullying and sometimes you feel so bad but hold back and do nothing about it. I think everyone can relate to this book whether you're the bully, the bullied or the hero. I also loved the fact that in a sense this book was masculine. The main character, Adonis, wasn't anywhere near perfect like you read in most books these days. I think that's a part of why it felt so real. He wasn't dreamy, he was a normal high school teen. The only complaint I had was that I'd have to re-read some of the parts dealing with Adonis and his father conversating. I wouldn't catch on quick to the comments lol. Guy talk!
I reccommend everyone to read this book. It makes you want to take a stand and be a hero!

Crossing Lines
Paul Volponi
releases June 9, 2011

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